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    We are committed to research and development of various advanced and original microfluidic biochip technologies and provide tumor precision diagnosis and treatment technology applications.

    We were incorporated in Nevada in July 2021 as a holding company. We operate through Advanced Biomed Inc. (Taiwan) (Advanced Biomed Taiwan) and Advanced Biomed HK Limited (Advanced Biomed HK). Advanced Biomed Taiwan is responsible for the main operation and the design and development of the company’s primary technologies and products. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been focusing on the integration of multiple interdisciplinary technologies and established our own microfluidic technology platform. Advanced Biotech HK is our first localized operation company, mainly responsible for market operation and management in China, localized production, product registration, and future local market sales of our products in accordance with relevant local regulations in China.

    We have worked tirelessly for years, striving to overcome difficulties with our brilliant team. We use the physical and molecular biological properties of tumor cells to develop a series of related products, which can be applied to early tumor screening, diagnosis and classification, drug screening, and patient prognosis judgment in the future.The research, development and finalization of three equipment: A⁺Pre, AC-1000 and A⁺SCDrop have been completed up until now. Our three microfluidic biochips, A⁺Pre Chip, AC-1000 CTC enrichment chip, and A⁺CellScan chip, have completed the development plan and can be mass-produced.Our A⁺LCGuard, which is used for the auxiliary determination of benign and malignant pulmonary nodules, has completed a prospective study and is ready to be transformed into commercialization.


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